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Creating custom batch operations

Batch processing in MX Light can utilise any program that has a command-line interface, providing maximum flexibility.

By default MX Light ships with a small selection of lossless conversion & utility processes.

Custom batch processing can be added to MX Light by editing the 'cfg\processes.cda' file in a text editor such as Notepad.

The format for a process in the processes.cda file is as follows:

<{process name}.
    command line.[TSTR] = "{command line}"
    description.[TSTR] = "{process description}"

The command line string is parsed using the following replacement tokens :

\\ = \ character
\" = " character
|INfile| = input filename including path eg. "C:\Rec\test.TS"
|INname| = input filename excluding path & extension eg. "test"
|OUTdir| = output directory eg. "C:\Rec\"
|VLC|    = path to vlc.exe
|MXL|    = MX Light path
|RUN SERIAL| = This is used to split a command line.  Text after this
               token is effectively a new commandline which will be
               run in serial.

Please examine the processes.cda file for examples of how this works.

*note: It is important to enclose any program or file reference in double-quotes.  See cfg\processes.cda for an example of this.

For specific command line options available for VLC & FFMpeg please see the following links:

FFMpeg Command line documentation
VLC command line documentation