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MX Light v2 is now available on the download page

some of the highlights:

  • updated preset editor & new presets for ease of use & greater control, including cropping and volume adjustment.
  • support for authenticated RTMP streaming.
  • improved bandwidth utilisation, allowing higher bitrates on the same connection in comparison to v1.x.
  • reduced latency mode available in RTMP preset (under advanced options), which can reduce latency by up to 3 seconds.
  • improved FMLE .xml streaming profile import. Can now import a much wider range of files.
  • improved HLS streaming. Now compatible with more FTP servers.
  • increased stream reliability for longer streaming durations.

    Recording / Processing:
  • improved mp4 conversion. Now compatible with NLE's such as Sony Vegas
  • improved recording operation across a wider array of system configurations

  • numerous UI improvements, simplifying use
  • numerous bug fixes & optimisations