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One year since v1! & MX Light 1.7.0 is now available on the download page

Building on the successes and feedback received from customers use of v1.6.  v1.7 represents a new phase in the development of MX Light, which now sees MX Light with new features, increased stability & the ease of use expected in a mature product.

some of the highlights since 1.6:
  • support recording to network locations
  • recording information, annotation and management
  • improved operation with non-english regional settings
  • support automatic post-process of a recording (eg. conversion to .mp4)
  • allows use of portable VLC install for full portability
  • extended tokens available for advanced preset creation
  • numerous GUI, non-GUI bug fixes & improvements
VLC 2.0.5 is now considered stable & recommend for use with MX Light.

For details of the changes, additions, fixes & improvements, please see the change log

* Now updated to 1.7.5
  • includes many fixes & additions, see changelog for details