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change log


* fixed: 'record-to-file' command now working correctly under all situations
* fixed: graceful AV stream shutdown on windows log-off / shutdown   


+ added: improved command line extensions for vlc preview & playback allowing more options
+ added: VLC replay automation over RCIP using new VLCreplay: command     


+ added: lock State option, which allows automatic recovery to a locked (/saved) state on input disruption
+ added: new command line / rc-ip option 'lock-state' for controlling new Lock State option
: mod:   UI Notification are now displayed centred to the main interface
* fixed: improved device control, now faster for certain operations
* fixed: source no longer shows 'none / unknown' when using the ATEM TVS


+ added: support for full HD interlaced recording (in 'General > setup')
+ added: VLC snapshot automation via hotkeys,command line & RCIP
* fixed: improved FMLE streaming profile xml import
* fixed: H264 level calculation fixed
* fixed: remote control over IP no longer limited to localhost operation
+ added: stop replay command via hotkeys,command line & RCIP, for stopping & closing replay window


+ added: remote control over IP
* fixed: UDP streaming preset fixed allowing selection of any IP destination & online help link fixed & improved
+ added: double-click on streaming preset in list to open editor


* fixed: editing stream preset property values no longer requires [ENTER] to be pressed before 'save'/'save as'


* fixed: font size now correct at high DPI settings


* mod:   removed unused cpu usage checks


* fixed: config reloaded on 'check' input, so that original settings are restored correctly
+ added: 'input-check' command for command line operation, which has the same effect as pressing the 'check' button on the GUI


* fixed: improved FMLE .xml import, now working with more streaming sites
* fixed: command line operation now much faster when sent to already running instance


+ added: hints for all replay controls in the stats/replay window


+ added: sorted views of recorded files in batch processor using default alphabetical & creation / modified time ordering
+ added: initialise replay system from previous recording in batch processor via right-click menu in recorded file list & button in Cues view
+ added: hint help bar to batch processor


: mod: record/stream external command line automation now also triggered by normal record/stream command line operations


* fixed: stability when switching between preview & streaming while not recording improved


+ added: secure HLS streaming via SFTP
+ added: option to slice recordings using time masks for eg. slice every hour
+ added: option to set slice length instead of size in sliced recording mode
+ added: date/time stamp can be added to seq dir names & date/time stamp format can be adjusted in the config.cda file
+ added: external automation via command lines on record/stream start & stop
+ added: auto stream on startup option
+ added: new command line command 'record-split' which when recording will cause the recording to split into a new file
* fixed: now remains stable on device unplug & USB connection failures


* fixed: crash after 20+ hr RTMP streaming. On FFmpeg stream error streaming now restarts gracefully


* fixed: improved FMLE streaming profile xml import


+ added: Image/Video logo overlay options to streaming preset re-encode video mode setup
+ added: UDP streaming preset


* fixed: framerate 'not a valid floating point value' issue fixed on non english langauge systems


* fixed: Command line operation working again. see updated help for usage changes.


New Streaming system
  • updated preset editor & new presets for ease of use & greater control, including cropping and volume adjustment.
  • support for authenticated RTMP streaming.
  • improved bandwidth utilisation, allowing higher bitrates on the same connection in comparison to v1.x.
  • reduced latency mode available in RTMP preset (under advanced options), which can reduce latency by up to 3 seconds.
  • improved FMLE .xml streaming profile import. Can now import a much wider range of files.
  • improved HLS streaming. Now compatible with more FTP servers.
  • increased stream reliability for longer streaming durations.

Recording / Processing
  • improved mp4 conversion. Now compatible with NLE's such as Sony Vegas
  • improved recording operation across a wider array of system configurations

  • numerous UI improvements, simplifying use
  • numerous bug fixes & optimisations



+ added    : HTTP streaming presets with authentication
+ added    : 'Convert to non-virtual editable preset' option in preset menu which turns a virtual preset into a normal preset, allowing property editing
: mod    : Updated to latest FFmpeg build which fixes RTMP streaming issues present on some systems.
: mod    : Removed preset description scrollbar, as not working on some systems.


* fixed    : Batch processor can now find .seq recording directories flagged as archived


+ added    : Recording Cues system allowing:
      \ variable speed live action replays from status display with 2nd VLC instance
      \ auto-slice a recording based on cue points from batch processor
+ added    : Extended preview settings including seperate settings for live recording playback
+ added    : Hotkeys for new cue functionality & new options to control hotkey operation
+ added    : Wowza RTSP streaming presets allowing authenticated streaming
+ added    : VLC command line help generation & viewing from GUI
* fixed    : No longer crashes with badly formed presets & configs. Now shows feedback about syntax error
* fixed    : VLC initialisation now cleaner & command line extension working with more options. new examples in the updated online help
* fixed    : Streaming error detection & auto-shutdown/restart now more resiliant
: mod    : VLC 2.0.7 now recommended version for use with MX Light
: mod    : Reworked GUI for easier navigation with more options


* fixed    : NTSC SD inputs now recognised correctly as 29.97fps
+ added    : Improved Internal TCP Relay performance
* fixed    : Problems with RTMP Direct presets
: mod    : Updated to latest ffmpeg build
* fixed    : Improved RTMP streaming smoothness
* fixed    : possible RTMP disconnect/crash after ~3 hours
+ added    : Recordings can now be opened while recording. The Stats view now has a 'view rec' button which will open VLC & start playing the recording.
* fixed    : Wowza presets now working again & added link to preset help webpage
: mod    : Updated online help for HLS presets & updated links in presets
+ added    : Internal TCP relay system which is now used in the RTMP streaming presets. This avoids the bandwidth issues present in the current ffmpeg builds
+ added    : Internal TCP relay stats output in stats display window. Now shows data sent & packet size utilisation, instead of data sent to stream process
+ added    : New preset tokens to allow piping data between processes & utilisation of the new internal TCP redirect system
+ added    : Import/Export/Delete menu options for process presets. Access by Right-click on process list
+ added    : Custom docked consoles instead of windows standard consoles. Double-click to expand/collapse
+ added    : Show/Hide streaming console button to stats display (nb. only works with console mode applications)
+ added    : Option to hide streaming console windows by default on the general options page
+ added    : Expression parser for use in streaming preset command lines
+ added    : Convert to mkv process preset
+ added    : Option to save streaming console log files on the general options page
+ added    : Option to automatically cleanup saved log files on startup on the general options page
+ added    : Pause delay before reconnect option to streaming preset connection parameters
* fixed    : Crash on exit MPEG2-TS Raw Output to local host preset after previously using a different preset
* fixed    : Streaming bandwidth limitations
* fixed    : Streaming restart operation made safer & more reliable
* fixed    : USPS settings are now saved & loaded
* fixed    : HLS presets updated, now accurate on re-encode segment slicing
* fixed    : Stats display can now be turned off on the general page. nb. clicking the view stats button will turn it back on
: mod    : Improved recording info geneneration
: mod    : Updated to use latest ffmpeg builds (v1.1 Fire Flower)
: mod    : Updated all presets to use new inbuilt expression parser with latest ffmpeg
: mod    : Reworked options on general page
: mod    : Removed encoder settings from ReEncode presets so that by default recordings are full resolution
: mod    : Changed streaming presets to default to 16:9 aspect ratio with more standard sizes & higher bandwidths


+ added    : Option to run VLC from specified path, allowing use of portable VLC
+ added    : Encoding infomation now saved as a txt file for each recording
+ added    : Recordings can be now annotated from the status display
+ added    : View recording information in batch processor
+ added    : Recording can now be played from the batch processor by double-clicking on a recording
+ added    : Basic recording management to batch processor with Rename,Play,Delete,Merge in popup menu (right-click on recording)
+ added    : Dailymotion Cloud streaming presets
+ added    : RTP streaming presets
+ added    : File access testing & feedback when selecting recording location
+ added    : Improved support for recording to a network location
+ added    : Extended number of tokens available for use in streaming preset creation
+ added    : Option to automatically process a recording after it has finished using a process preset
* fixed    : Opening config files from GUI now working consistently
* fixed    : Direct HLS preset now actually direct
* fixed    : HLS uploader now working with correctly with non english Windows regional settings
* fixed    : GUI tabs now working after restore from tray icon
* fixed    : GUI status display, pin always visible operation now sync'd with Stats button
* fixed    : GUI notification now always visible & correctly sized
* fixed    : Sliced recording now updating output dir on consecutive recordings
* fixed    : USPS operation now working for audio settings
: mod    : GUI layout changed to create more space for controls
: mod    : VLC 2.0.5 now recommended VLC version for use
: mod    : GUI controls now locked if changes cannot take effect. eg. recording tab locked while recording
: mod    : 'test/set' button now highlighted if any encoder parameters have been changed
: mod    : Changed '' preset to ' /' as works with both


+ added    : FME/FMLE streaming profile import for simple RTMP preset generation (rt-click on stream preset list)
+ added    : Wowza RTMP streaming presets
+ added    : mod16 option to encoder setup (default=on for better compatiblity)
+ added    : More help dialogs on configuration errors
+ added    : Auto streaming server start if not already running (if found in default locations)
+ added    : Auto test/set on startup as an option in config (default enabled)
+ added    : Auto h264 level selection on bitrate adjustment
+ added    : Preview mode selection which now includes 'Native video size' option
: mod    : VLC 2.0.4 is now recommend for use
: mod    : Resampled output sizes now multiples of 4 for finer control
: mod     : Starting record while streaming no longer uses 'Auto preview during record' setting, which caused streaming to stop
: mod    : Screen position maintained on restart
: mod    : Timed notifications can now be closed using [return] or [space] keys
: mod    : Removed possibility to set invalid options in encoder setup
: mod    : Preview latency can now be set to 0 ms
* fixed    : Audio now working with 'Direct' presets
* fixed    : Improved internal threading operation & device communications
* fixed    : Streaming server restarts are unlikely to be required
* fixed    : Resolved connection timeout issues
* fixed    : Incorrect interlaced source recognition leading to double framerate recordings
* fixed    : Encoder settings are now loading correctly on startup
* fixed    : Settings on the General tab are now correctly saved
* fixed    : Selected streaming preset now correctly loaded/saved
* fixed    : Hardware encoder FPS setting snap to operation, now always snaps to closest valid fps settings
* fixed    : Resampler/process settings are now saved in memory on test/set fixing USPS operation
* fixed    : Disconnecting input while in use no longer causes a crash
* fixed    : Changed default TCP port usage to avoid potential conflicts
* fixed    : Stats overlay now correctly sized across OS's


+ added : Audio sync adjust processing
+ added : Aspect ratio override
+ added : Command line interface
+ added : HTTP Live Streaming support. Inc. single & multi-stream example presets
+ added : RTP streaming presets
: mod   : Extended preset command line system to support parallel processes
* fixed : Support for HD interlaced inputs
* fixed : Resampler setup bugs
* fixed : Incorrect video output size
* fixed : RTMP streaming stability. UStream streaming now stable
: mod   : Switched to using TCP over UDP to avoid internal stream disruption
* fixed : GUI font mismatches
* fixed : Improved 'restart streaming server' operation
: mod   : Config & streaming preset format redesigned to support new features


+ added :  RTMP support & example presets for UStream, Livestream &
: mod   :  Preset format to better support descriptions
+ added :  Preset templates to simplify complex network streaming setup
+ added :  Preset management
+ added :  Completely new streaming interface!


+ added :  Slice sequence recording mode. Which splits a recording into multiple files upon write, ensuring protection of recordings against power loss or other system failures.
+ added :  Batch processing interface reworked. Input & output directories are now selectable. Includes automatic conversion of slice sequences into single .TS files & manual conversion if required.
+ added :  Resampling setup improved. On [test/set], setup now snaps to the closest valid settings, rather than fail.
+ added :  Recorded .TS streams are now synced to packet boundaries,  improving compatibility with other software.
: mod   :  Command line format for processes/streams.cda modified to allow integration of other 3rd party tools. See updated help on the website.
* fixed :  Replaced broken TS -> mp4 conversion, operation now uses ffmpeg.
* fixed :  GUI rendering errors & style inconsistencies.


+ added :  Support for internal resampler, allowing hardware scaling & framerate adjustment.
+ added :  New streaming preset for direct TS video to localhost UDP streaming.
* fixed :  Stability issues with 'Restart BMD streaming server' button operation.


* fixed :  bugs & inconsistencies in hot key operation relating to config GUI show/hide.
* fixed :  GUI rendering errors.  Added matched rendering style to system tray menu.
* fixed :  Audio encoding parameters weren't being saved in the configuration file. 

1.0.0 - Initial release